English/Language Arts Secondary Education (9-12)

Distinctive Program Features

  • Graduates are licensed to teach high school
  • Students work in both middle school and high school classrooms over three semesters during their academic program for a total of approximately 777 hours of actual classroom experience in diverse settings.
  • NCATEStudents graduate with two majors, one in Secondary Education and one in their teaching area (English).
  • Students have two academic advisors to assist them in completing their programs and planning their careers.


English/Language Arts Major with Professional Educator Licensure

The English Language Arts concentration is open only to students who are also pursuing a Secondary Education License. The major is jointly administered by the College of Education and the English department. Students must fulfill requirements in General Education, the English Language Arts major (which includes a foreign language requirement), and a Secondary License.
General Education Requirements (45-48 semester hours)

ACAF 110 Foundations I: Bona Ventura: Cosmic Journey* (4)  OR one course from: Aesthetic Awareness (met within the major)
ACAF 120 Foundations II: Continuing the Journey* (3) OR ENGL 112 College Writing II (3)
CMMA 101 Concepts of Communication (3)
CMMA 142 Speech Communication (3)
ENGL 111 College Writing I (3)
ENGL 200 Introduction to Literature (met within the major)
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophical Thinking (3)
PHIL XXX one additional Philosophy course (3)
THEO 101 Introduction to Theology (3)
THEO XXX one additional Theology course (3)
One course from: Aesthetic Awareness (3)
One course from: History (3)
One course from: Mathematics (3)
One course from: Math, Science or Computer Science (3-4)
One course from: Science (3-4)
One course from: Social Science (3)
One course from Social Science (from another discipline) (3)
*Required for new, traditional freshman

Major Requirements (40 semester hours, not including the foreign language requirement)

Major requirements in English Language Arts consist of core requirements, requirements specific to English Language Arts, and a senior thesis. English Language Arts also requires 15 semester hours of ENGL electives at the 300 or 400 level in which students must meet 2 area, 2 period, and 1 genre requirement as set forth below. Please note that one course may fulfill several of these requirements.

Foreign Language Requirement (3-6 semester hours)

Before graduation, English majors of all concentrations are required to have completed two semesters of college-level study (or the equivalent) in a foreign language, with at least one language course taken in college. One semester study abroad that includes language study in a country where that language is spoken will fulfill this requirement in its entirety.

Core Courses (12 semester hours)
Required of all English concentrations.
ENGL 200 Introduction to Literature (3)
ENGL 335 Ancient Literature (3)
ENGL 372 Shakespeare (3)
ENGL 400 Critical Theory (3)

English Language Arts Requirements (12 semester hours)
ENGL 291 Adolescent Literature (3)
ENGL 318 Teaching Composition (3)
ENGL 321 History and Grammars of English (3)
ENGL 390 Methods of Teaching Adolescents English Language Arts (3)

Electives (15 semester hours)
Period & Area Studies (12 semester hours)
American Literature (6 semester hours)

Early Periods – one of the following:
ENGL 345 American Literature to 1850 (3)
ENGL 346 American Literature 1850 -1914 (3)

Later Periods – one of the following:
ENGL 347 American Literature 1914 – 1965 (3)
ENGL 348 American Literature 1865 – Present (3)

British Literature (6 semester hours)
ENGL 351 British Literature to 1450 (3)
Later Periods – one of the following:
ENGL 354 British Literature 1660-1785 (3)
ENGL 355 British Literature American Literature 1785-1890 (3)
ENGL 360 British & Anglophone Literatures 1890 – Present (3)

Genre (3 semester hours)
One of the following:
ENGL 440 Genre (3)
ENGL 441 Dialogic and the novel (3)
ENGL 444 Literary Non-fiction (3) (or a period course focused on one genre)

Capstone (1-3 semester hours)
ENGL 497 Senior Thesis (1-3)
The Senior Thesis is completed as an individual tutorial under the supervision of one or occasionally two faculty advisors on a topic of the student’s choice. The topic and the faculty advisor(s) must be arranged before registration for the thesis.

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