What can I do with an English degree?

English majors become professionals in many areas, including advertising and public relations, law and public service, business, journalism, philanthropy, and publishing. They become writers of all kinds: copywriters, grant writers, technical writers, and they write for TV, radio, and film. Since the Internet has become a new home for the written word, English majors now work as corporate bloggers, social media managers, and brand strategists, too. They also teach high school English, become university professors, or pursue advanced degrees in many areas, including literature and library science, or law school. Click here for a continually updated range of possible careers.

This broad range of possibilities comes from the professional skill set that our majors develop. They become powerful analytical readers who understand subtlety and nuance. They develop people skills, such as empathy and the ability to listen carefully. They speak articulately, and write both lucidly and precisely.

Because their professional temperament and skill set is transferrable from one career to another, English majors face their future, confident in the knowledge that they can shape and reshape their careers, follow trends, and pivot professionally as the 21st century job market now frequently demands.