Master of Science in Education (M.S.)

The Master of Science in Education degree programs are designed to provide in-service teachers with relevant coursework that will increase their understanding of current educational theories, research and practice. The programs emphasize the application of learning theory in instruction, curriculum development, and educational leadership. Various concentrations are available to provide challenging content designed to meet the demands of the changing teaching profession. This flexibility allows an individual, particular cohort of professionals, school or building to customize the graduate curriculum to meet specific needs.

Upon successful completion of a Master of Science in Education degree program
students will be able to:

  • develop leadership skills needed to assume prominent roles in the field of education
  • contribute knowledge and service to the professional education community
  • develop and apply research and communication skills to support the role of the educational leader and scholar
  • develop the skills of reflective and critical thinking to explore the larger purposes of education to the individual and society
  • develop awareness of varied educational needs of students and apply current research-based strategies and methodologies that meet the needs of diverse students
  • analyze ongoing issues, theories and trends with a focus on applications in classroom settings that can improve P-12 student learning
  • provide a context to improve the quality of education, and ensure equal opportunities and the dignity of each student in a democratic society
  • demonstrate professional dispositions consistent with the Illinois Professional Standards and the College of Education’s Code of Professional Conduct.