History/Social Science Secondary Education (9-12)

Distinctive Program Features

  • Graduates are licensed to teach high school
  • Students work in both middle school and high school classrooms over three semesters during their academic program for a total of approximately 777 hours of actual classroom experience in diverse settings.
  • Students graduate with two majors, one in Secondary Education and one in their teaching area (History/Social Science).
  • Students have two academic advisors to assist them in completing their programs and planning their careers.


History/Social Science Major with Professional Educator Licensure

General Education Requirements (50-51 semester hours)

ACAF 110 Foundations I: Bona Ventura: Cosmic Journey* (4) OR one course from: Aesthetic Awareness (met within the major)
ACAF 120 Foundations II: Continuing the Journey* (3) OR ENGL 112 College Writing II (3)
CMMA 142 Speech Communication (3)
ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
ENGL 111 College Writing I (3)
ENGL 200 Introduction to Literature (3)
ENVS 120 Earth Science (4)
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophical Thinking (3)
PHIL XXX one additional Philosophy course (3)
POLI 105 American National Government (3)
THEO 101 Introduction to Theology (3)
THEO XXX one additional Theology course (3)
One course from: Aesthetic Awareness (3)
One course from: History (met within the major)
One course from: Mathematics (3)
One course from: Math, Science or Computer Science (3-4)
One course from: Social Science (met within the major)
*Required for new, traditional freshmen.
Major Requirements (46 semester hours)
Required Courses (15 semester hours)
HIST 111 History of World Civilization to 1500 (3)
HIST 112 History of World Civilization since 1500 (3)
HIST 121 History of U.S. to 1865 (3)
HIST 122 History of U.S. since 1865 (3)
HIST 301 History and Social Sciences Seminar (3)

Senior year required history courses (7 semester hours)
HIST 390 Methods of Teaching Adolescents Social Science (3)
HIST 498 Senior Seminar (3)
HIST 497 Senior Thesis (1)

One course in U.S. history (over 200 level) from the following (3 semester hours):
HIST 320 Colonial America (3)
HIST 321 National Development (3)
HIST 322 Civil War and Reconstruction (3)
HIST 323 Emergence of Modern America (3)
HIST 324 United States: 1914-1945 (3)
HIST 325 United States 1945 to Present (3)
HIST 356 The Presidency (3)
HIST 494 Topics in U.S. History (3)

Two courses in European History from the following (6 semester hours):
HIST 308 Politics and History of Eastern Europe and Russia (3)
HIST 344 Medieval Europe (3)
HIST 347 Early Modern Europe (3)
HIST 349 Modern Europe (3)
HIST 351 Classical Civilizations of Greece and Rome (3)
HIST 494 Topics in European History (3)

One course in Non-Western History from the following (3 semester hours):
HIST 241 History of Africa (3)
HIST 242 The Middle East: Crucible of Conflict (3)
HIST 246 History of Latin America (3)
HIST 494 Topics in Non-Western History (3)

Required Interdisciplinary Courses counted toward the major (12 semester hours)
ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
POLI 103 Introduction to World Politics (3)
GEOG 111 World Regional Geography (3)
SOCI 111 Principles of Sociology (3)

Ancillary Language Requirement: Social science majors are required to have 6 credit hours of foreign language that are not included in the 46 required hours in history and the social sciences. This requirement may be met with an equivalency of 3 credit hours for every year of high school language passed with a grade of “C” or better.

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