History / Criminal & Social Justice / Political Science Faculty

Dr. Yvonne Isom
Assistant Professor of Criminal & Social Justice
Phone: 815-750-3650
Email: yisom@stfrancis.edu

Dr. Cathy McDonnell Schultz
Professor of History
Phone: 815-740-3595
Email: cschultz@stfrancis.edu

Dr. David Veenstra
Assistant Professor of History
Phone: 815-740-3603
Email: dveenstra@stfrancis.edu


Ms. Julie Victa
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Phone: 815-740-3602
Email: jvicta@stfrancis.edu


Dr. Debra Workman
Associate Professor of History
Phone: 815-740-3228
Email: dworkman@stfrancis.edu