IT/Network Specialist Major

Information Technology/Network Specialist

The Information Technology/Network Specialist Major at USF is a TRANSER-ONLY option designed to capstone the A.A.S. degrees Network Specialist or Security Specialist from Joliet Junior College.  It focuses on effective operation and management of computer systems.  You will learn to apply computer technology to the solution of business problems dealing with network technologies and management of data on networks from both the client and server perspectives.   You will be acquiring knowledge, skills, and methods for the deployment of emerging technology, installation and maintenance of networks, management of data resources and security of systems.


Major Program (71-72 semester hours)

All students in this program are required to complete the AAS degree in Computer Information Systems – Network Specialist Option including 38 hours of USF specified CIS course work from Joliet Junior College


Additional Required Courses (33-34 semester hours)

COMP 141          Visual Basic
COMP 253          Java with Data Structures
COMP 201          Introduction to DBMS
COMP 241          Web Programming Languages
COMP 301          Database Administration
COMP 312          Server Installation and Configuration
COMP 350          Network Security
COMP 401          Web Server Design/Administration
COMP 430          EBusiness
COMP 480          Senior Project
ACCT 125            Financial Accounting
MGMT 150         Management and Organizational Behavior


One of the following:

MATH 121           Finite Mathematics
MATH 170           Applied Calculus
MATH 326          Discrete Mathematics


Also, to satisfy the Writing Intensive requirement for the CompSci department majors, a course in Comp 335 Operating Systems must be taken.