Student Projects in Management Programs

In Organization Development, a student led a project that researched, analyzed and provided recommendations regarding a pay-for-performance recognition program for a national distribution organization.

In Human Resources Management, student developed a project related to conducting job analyzes within an organization, developing position descriptions and performance evaluation tools for hourly and salaried staff.

In Supervisory Management, a student led a project that conducted research to determine leadership development training for a national beverage service provider.

In Business, Society and the Environment, a student led a project that analyzed the marketability of permeable paving systems to collect, filter and reuse rain water run-off from parking lots.

In the Business Policy class (capstone course for all business majors), students are placed in teams that compete utilizing a business web-based computer simulation system. Students are exposed the entire strategic management process and the importance of effective decision making. Numerous student led consulting projects have focused on strategic business development plans, programs and initiatives for clients. Projects consist of market development research, inventory analyses, strategic business plans, viability of future market initiatives, development of business operational systems and employee feedback systems.