Master of Science Degree in Health Administration (M.S.)


The dynamic health care field presents ever-changing challenges for professionals.

The Master of Science Degree in Health Administration (M.S.) program at the University of St. Francis is designed for students who have knowledge and experience in specific areas of health care and are seeking a broader understanding of the field.

While the program is offered in a convenient format, the content is rigorous. The curriculum includes both the theories of management and its practical application in the health care field. Sound administrative skills—systematic, critical and open-minded investigation of literature and data for the solution of challenging problems—are essential for professionals preparing for increasingly significant roles in today’s society.

The Health Administration Program not only addresses professional technical competence but professional ethics of service.


Who are HA students?

The typical student in this program has been employed in a health care organization for a number of years. The student is upwardly mobile and expects this education to enhance his/her abilities within the health services organization.


For working professionals

USF strives to provide a quality educational program that fits into the busy lives of adult learners. Students can complete their HA program at their own pace while continuing to work. Classes are offered online with some courses meeting one evening a week or on six all-day Saturday sessions during the 14-week semester at locations throughout the country.


Timely and practical

Courses run three semesters each year (fall, spring, summer) and a student may enter the program during any semester. This nine-course program (36 credit hours) can be completed in only 15 months. Courses are projected for three years at a time, enabling the student to plan his/her schedule.


Online and flexible

The entire HA program is offered online and onsite in select locations (see below). Online courses are a viable alternative for professionals with busy personal, work and/or travel schedules. The online course content, requirements and assignments, as well as the semester calendar, are the same as on-campus courses. Students regularly interact with faculty, who are specially trained to offer a challenging, exciting, and meaningful online course experience. In addition to the online format, there are some elective courses offered one evening a week and on six all-day Saturday sessions.


Onsite Locations

The M.S. program is currently offered onsite in:

  • Birmingham, AL
  • Joliet, IL



Students can complete an HA degree at any time, any place through their laptop, home or office computers and an Internet service provider. From admission through graduation, USF also works with students to ensure that all parts of the educational process progress smoothly.


Real-world experience

Faculty in the HA program have both academic credentials and real-world experience. The full-time faculty are active in consulting, research and professional associations. The adjunct faculty are professionals in the content of the courses they teach. They bring their experiences to the classroom to provide students with immediate, practical application.



Students in the HA program are individuals who share the goal of professional growth and development, bringing to the classroom their perspectives and backgrounds. Students learn from each other as they network and share knowledge in a wide range of education and business topics. Class size averages between 15 and 20, providing the opportunity for an exciting interactive learning environment.


Admission Requirements

Apply today! There is no fee to apply. To be considered for admission, a student must have at least two years of significant experience in the health care field and a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university and a minimum 2.75 GPA. Computer competency in word processing and spreadsheets is required.


Scholarship Resource

There are a variety of scholarship resources available, some of which can be found here.



To find out of this program is available in your state, please check this document for your state’s information.

For more information contact our Graduate Admissions office.