Curriculum: Master of Science Degree in Health Administration (MS)

Graduate Admission Requirements

Required Courses (36 hours)

HSAD 603 Organizational and Human Resource Management (4)
HSAD 607 Medical Sociology (4)
HSAD 610 Health Economics and Policy (4)
HSAD 623 Health Information and Analytics (4)
HSAD 630 Health Care Finance (4)
HSAD 637 Health Care Law and Compliance (4)
HSAD 640 Health Services Marketing (4)
HSAD 650 Health Care Ethics and Decision Making (4)
HSAD 681 Research Methods (4)
HSAD 695 Health Administration Comprehensive Exam (0)


Dual Program

MS Health Administration to Training and Development (24 semester hours)
A graduate of the University’s Master of Science in Health Administration program can complete the requirements for Training and Development major. The second major will be posted to the transcript, but a second degree will not be awarded. Twenty-four (24) additional hours are required for the major.

TDEV 612 Adult Learning and Development (4)
TDEV 622 Needs Analysis, Instructional Design and Assessment (4)
TDEV 632 Program Development (4)
TDEV 642 E-Learning: Evolving Theory and Practice (4)
TDEV 662 Interpersonal and Group Communication (4)
TDEV 690 Comprehensive Project (4)

Bridge Program

MS Health Administration to MBA
Foundation Courses (4 semester hours)
MBAD 521 Survey of Financial Accounting (2)
MBAD 510 Survey of Quantitative Methods and Statistics (2)
Note: These requirements can also be met through undergraduate courses in accounting and statistics.

MBA Core Courses (20 credit hours required)
MBAD 606 Marketing Management (4)
MBAD 611 Managerial Economics (4)
MBAD 616 Managerial Finance (4)
MBAD 621 Managerial Accounting (4)
MBAD 631 Strategic Business Management (4)

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For more information contact Dr. Michael Stowe, chair of the School of Health, at or 815-740-3606.