Master of Science in Management (MSM)

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USF’s Master of Science in Management program empowers business professions to take their careers to a new level. The MSM emphasizes:

  • critical thinking,
  • communication,
  • managerial use of information,
  • supervisory skills, and
  • a focus on the human side of management.

Students with or without undergraduate degrees in business gain useful skills in planning, team building, written and verbal communication, the use of technology to solve business problems and leading with integrity and a sense of ethics.

Practical for working professionals

USF provides quality educational programs with immediate real-world application while fitting into the busy lives of adult learners. MSM students can complete their program on-site or online at their own pace while working. Courses run three semesters each year (fall, spring, summer) and a student may enter the program during any semester. The MSM can be completed in as few as 15 months, and credit can be earned for on-the-job projects.

Expert instruction and collaboration

Faculty in the MSM program has academic credentials and real-world experience. Instructors bring their experiences to the classroom to provide students with immediate, practical application. Students often learn from each other, too, as they bring diverse perspectives to the classroom. USF’s average class size is between 15-20 students, creating an exciting interactive learning environment.

Graduate Certificates
Graduate certificates are designed to enhance the credentials of the business professional. They can also be applied toward a graduate degree at a later date.

  • Accounting Certificate
  • Business Analytics Certificate
  • Finance Certificate
  • E-learning Certificate
  • Human Resource Management Certificate
  • Logistics Certificate
  • Training and Development Certificate
  • Training Specialist Certificate


Bridge Programs and Dual Degree Opportunities

  • Master of Science in Health Administration to MBA
  • Master of Science in Management to MBA
  • Master of Science in Training and Development to MBA
  • Health Administration to Training and Development (Dual Degree)
  • MBA to Training and Development (Dual Degree)


Apply today!

There is no fee to apply! Prospective students must have at least two years of significant work experience and a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.75 grade point average from a regionally accredited college or university. Computer competency is required.

To find out of this program is available in your state, visit the “Your Right to Know” page and under Academics, click “Program Availability by State.”

For more information contact Dr. Shannon Brown at or 815-740-3666.