Applied Music Courses

The Applied Music courses are designed to foster the development of music skills in vocal or instrumental performance. The Applied Music Program in the Department of Music and Performing Arts provides students with one-on-one instruction with a member of our applied music faculty. Applied music lessons are a requirement of all music majors and all students receiving music scholarships, and are encouraged for any student participating in a music ensemble.

Applied Music courses are open to any college student. These courses are designed for (1) music majors; (2) music majors who wish to study a second instrument or voice; and (3) students majoring in a discipline other than music. Non-majors are invited to take both applied music courses and participate in the ensembles offered by the department. All applied music courses and ensembles require an initial audition for placement.

Students taking applied music courses will receive one half-hour private lesson a week to earn one hour of applied music credit. Applied lessons may be taken for 1-2 credit hours per semester. Students are expected to practice a minimum of 3 hours a week per hour of applied credit. Advanced Applied lessons are also available for qualified students and may be taken for 2-4 credit hours per semester. Applied music faculty will assess students for proper placement.

Applied music students are given an opportunity to gain experience in solo performances before an audience through participation in performance classes, recital programs, music theater productions, and solos with performance ensembles. Starting with the second semester of private study, applied music students are required to give a solo vocal or instrumental performance in a performance class or recital, as determined by the instructor, during the semester.

After the first semester of study, all music majors taking applied music courses must perform for a jury examination and in a recital in order to receive credit. Jury examination will be conducted by music faculty at the end of each semester. Minimum performance requirements, both instrumental and vocal, are established by the faculty. Specific examination requirements are subject to periodic review.