Nuclear Medicine Technology Program

The major program in nuclear medicine technology combines chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer technology, and biology in using radioactivity to diagnose and treat disease. Nuclear medicine uniquely provides information about both the structure and function of virtually every major organ system within the body.

Some of the primary responsibilities of the nuclear medicine technologist include preparing and administering radio-pharmaceuticals, performing patient imaging procedures, and providing images, data analysis, and patient information to the physician for diagnostic interpretation.

Students majoring in Nuclear Medicine Technology spend three years at the University of St. Francis taking liberal education and science courses followed by a 12-month professional phase at an affiliated hospital school.



Major (87 semester hours)

Required Courses

BIOL 124/5 Principles of Biology I and Lab (4)
BIOL 252 Human Physiology (4)
BIOL 314/5 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and Lab (5)
BIOL 221 Human Anatomy (4)
BIOL 343 Immunology (4)
CHEM 121/3 General Chemistry I and Lab (5)
CHEM 122/4 General Chemistry II and Lab (5)
CHEM 224/5 Organic Chemistry I and Lab (5)
CHEM 322/3 Biochemistry and Lab (4)
COMP 101 Computer Concepts and Application (3)
MATH 181 Calculus (5)
PSCI 111 General Physics I (4)
PSCI 112 General Physics II (4)

The curriculum of the professional phase of the program is determined by the hospital-based program and are subject to change. The program may require additional tuition and fees beyond those charged to non-allied health majors.


Professional Phase of the program (36 semester hours)

Professional Phase I (18 semester hours)
NUCM 403 Diagnostic Nuclear Imaging Clinical Practicum I (4)
NUCM 406 Clinical Nuclear Medicine Procedures I (3)
NUCM 410 Management & Methods of Patient Care I (3)
NUCM 414 Radiation Safety and Protection (3)
NUCM 421 Radiation Physics & Instrumentation (3)
NUCM 430 Clinical Correlation – Pathology (2)


Professional Phase II (18 semester hours)
NUCM 404 Diagnostic Nuclear Imaging Clinical Practicum II (4)
NUCM 408 Clinical Nuclear Medicine Procedures II (3)
NUCM 411 Management & Methods of Patient Care II (1)
NUCM 417 Radionuclide Chemistry and Radiopharmacy (3)
NUCM 422 Medical Terminology for Nuclear Medicine (1)
NUCM 424 Radiation Detection and Instrumentation (2)
NUCM 426 Computed Tomography and Cross-Sectional Anatomy
NUCM 429 Radiation Biology (1)
Medical Terminology for Nuclear Medicine (1)


For more information, see the USF Catalog.