Criminal Backround Checks

Students will be having direct contact with patients in healthcare and other settings and are therefore required a background review of potential criminal histories and a urine drug screen to detect any use of common drugs of abuse. During the didactic and clinical learning year PA students are required to participate in the care of patients in various healthcare settings; these checks are considered a condition of acceptance into our program. Most healthcare facilities also require that this testing be completed before allowing a student to have direct patient contact. The student shall be responsible for any associated costs with criminal background checks and urine drug screening.

Criminal background checks and urine drug screens will be performed by the end of the first quarter. The criminal background reports will undergo administrative review. Certain convictions may be considered a disqualifying factor for admission or continuation in the PA Program. After admission, it is a student’s responsibility to report any criminal conviction to the director of the program. Failure to do so will result in immediate dismissal.

The Program may not disclose the information to any person who is not directly involved in evaluating the applicant’s qualifications for their clinical program. Reports will be kept in confidential files separate from the student’s academic files and destroyed once the individual is no longer a student in the PA program.