Deceleration Policy

Deceleration is an alternative mechanism that allows students to complete the twenty-seven month curriculum in thirty-nine months. Deceleration may allow students to extend their curriculum due to academic deficiencies. Reasons for deceleration can be either voluntary or mandatory.

Voluntary Deceleration: Students must submit a written request to the Program Director and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences to voluntarily decelerate. Reasons for deceleration include personal, family, health, or academic concerns that will impact successful progress through the curriculum. Voluntary deceleration is considered a proactive decision on the part of the student before experiencing academic difficulty.

Mandatory Deceleration: The Committee on Academic Progression may recommend deceleration to the Program Director and/or Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences as a means to remediate deficiencies, as a preventative measure to avoid further academic difficulty, or as a result of non-academic reasons as defined in the student handbook. The Committee may specify the plan for deceleration or defer to the judgment of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Students in the decelerated curriculum must successfully complete all required courses. Upon decelerating, students may delay their graduation by no more than one year, and must comply with any revisions in curriculum requirements and changes in tuition and fees of their new graduating class.

The final decision for deceleration is determined by the Dean of Arts and Sciences and the Program Director.