Political Science – General/Pre-Law Concentration

Why Study Pre-Law at USF?

Are you interested in legal matters?  Love to debate? Served in student government? Follow trending criminal cases? Then law school might be the choice for you, and USF is a great place to start your journey. As a small liberal arts university you’ll benefit from individualized classes, devoted professors, and a wide range of classes and extracurricular activities.

Pre-law is a concentration within USF’s Political Science program. While this degree and concentration is not mandatory for admission to law school, it does provide students with both the tools and skills that will enhance their future legal endeavors. Political science is the most common degree obtained by law students, followed by history, criminal justice and business.


How USF Prepares You

Specialized Courses: We offer specialized courses to introduce students to various aspects of the American legal system, including classes on Cybercrime, White Collar Crime, Introduction to Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, and Constitutional Law.

Flexibility: Since our program is flexible, pre-law students are encouraged to take classes in history, English, and criminal justice to supplement their political science courses. This gives our students a wider breadth of knowledge and enhances their analytical and critical thinking skills, which are essential for succeeding in law school.

Personalized Advising: Students receive valuable one-on-one advising from USF’s pre-law advising expert, a member of the Midwest Pre-Law Advisor Association. Professor Julie Victa has over 20 years of experience in this capacity and can be emailed at jvicta@stfrancis.edu.

Mock Trial: USF has a Mock Trial team and a pre-law club on campus.  Students can be on the team during their entire college career and actually try fictional cases against a number of other college teams. Travel expenses are provided by the university and students are coached by a J.D. Students may earn up to six political science credits as a member of the Mock Trial team and as a student in the Mock Trial course.

Internships: Students at USF have many exciting internship opportunities, both locally and nationally. USF students have interned in law firms, government offices, the Will County Courthouse, the Chicago Criminal Court system, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), congressional and senate offices, and at the White House.


Click here to meet three successful alumni from the Political Science/Pre-Law program at USF!


Applying to Law School

Students are guided, with the help of faculty, to get into the law school of their choice. Click here to find out more about strategies and important notes about the process of applying for law school.

Law schools attended by USF students include:

  • Notre Dame Law School
  • University of Chicago Law School
  • DePaul Law School
  • St. Louis University
  • Loyola School of Law
  • University of Illinois Law School
  • Northern Illinois University Law School
  • Northwestern Illinois University
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Florida
  • John Marshall Law School in Chicago
  • Kent School of Law
  • Valparaiso Law School