Field Forms

The University of St. Francis’s Department of Social Work thanks you and your organization for accepting our BSW/MSW student interns. Field education is viewed as a unique partnership between the university and community agencies with the purpose of designing, implementing, and monitoring sound educational programs for BSW and MSW students. The University Of St. Francis Department of Social Work relies on the evidence-based field instruction model. This model requires that selected social service agencies allow sufficient time for qualified agency staff to work with students and USF’s Department of Social Work. This partnership is dynamic and responsive to changes in agency environments, while providing the student with an opportunity to gain real-world experience in the field of social work. These experiences are the foundation for effective and innovative evidence-based practice skills.


Students are required to complete the following number of practicum hours in the field:
BSW: 450 total hours (225 hours per semester/16 weeks)
MSW first and second year: 450 total hours with two separate internships (225 hours per semester/16 weeks)
Advance standing MSW: 600 total hours (300 hours per semester/16 weeks)


Forms for BSW and MSW Students:
Field Interest Form
Student-Field Placement Registration Form
Student Workplace Agreement Form
Student Professional Performance Agreement Form
Student-Supervisor Learning Agreement
NASW Membership


Forms for Supervisors & Agencies:
Agency Application for Field Site
Student Evaluation for Supervisors


Students are responsible for submitting these documents to the Director of Field Education. Please keep a copy for your personal records, and on behalf of the USF Department of Social Work and our BSW/MSW students, thank you!

Should you need additional assistance or information, please contact Joyce Kraus, LCSW, ACSW at 815-740-3412 or