Spanish Program (minor)

Studying a foreign language provides a global reach to a liberal education; it is essential to developing international understanding and cooperation. Learning to communicate effectively in anther language and within another culture also builds bridges and strengthens
links among communities at home. Foreign language study at USF initiates and develops a student’s abilities in speaking, reading, and understanding the diverse cultures tied to those languages. The program is designed to fulfill the needs of the broadest possible range of students. Traditional language courses are offered native English speakers of various backgrounds and levels; others are geared toward Heritage speakers, bilingual students who have not systematically studied the language, its culture, or literature within a formal setting.
In addition, students are encouraged to consider foreign study. Students should consult with the chair of the Department of English and Foreign Languages to learn what requirements
they can complete abroad.

Required Courses

(9 hours)

SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish (3)
SPAN 210 Spanish Conversation, Composition and Grammar (3)
SPAN 211 Spanish Conversation, Reading and Composition (3)

Three courses from the following (9 hours)

SPAN 240 Spanish Short Stories (3)
SPAN 294 Topics in Foreign Languages (1-4)
SPAN 301 Spanish Civilization and Culture (3)
SPAN 302 Latin American Cultures (3)
SPAN 340 Introduction to Spanish Language Literature (3)
SPAN 494 Topics in Foreign Languages (1-6)

NOTE: Students must interview or test with the foreign language faculty for appropriate placement. As new courses
are developed, they may be substituted for the listed requirements. Required courses may also be fulfilled through
approved study abroad experiences.