Applying for Financial Aid

In order to apply for all forms of federal, state and USF assistance, a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Graduate students must reapply each year. Students are encouraged to apply online at

USF’s FAFSA Federal School Code is 001664

USF also requires students to complete a USF Student Profile, which can be turned in directly to Financial Aid Services or completed online at USF Student Profile. USF will review your file upon receipt of the FAFSA results, and completed Student Profile. If needed, supporting documentation will be requested to verify information submitted on the FAFSA.

The most common supporting documents requested are:

  • USF Verification Form
  • Student’s Federal Income Tax Return Forms: IRS 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ or telefile AND W-2 Forms
  • Parents’ Federal Income Tax Return Forms: IRS 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ or telefile AND W-2 Forms (Dependent students only)

Until the student’s financial aid file is complete and verified by Financial Aid Services, no aid can be credited to your bill. Failure to respond to requests for information will result in delays in your award, and the Business Office may assess late fees. In general, all full-time students at USF are required to apply for financial assistance. Application can be waived at the student’s request: however, all students are strongly encouraged to apply for all forms of federal, state and institutional assistance .

Deadlines for Processing of Financial Assistance


ATTENTION: Please be sure you read and understand this information pertaining to deadlines and conditions regarding your financial assistance.

Completing the financial aid process each year is an important part of being financially ready for your enrollment at USF. The priority financial aid filing date for University of St. Francis is March 15. Students using financial aid or educational loans to cover a portion of their tuition bill must complete the FAFSA and submit additional paperwork as needed. Please respond promptly to requests for information to complete your application. Students who do not complete their files and finalize billing arrangements prior to the start of the term will be dropped from their courses.

Notification of Changes of Award


If the student’s award changes as a result of verification, a new award letter will be generated signifying the new amounts of the student’s awards.

Correction Procedures


All corrections to Student Aid Reports are made electronically through Financial Aid Services. These corrections may include any and all necessary changes discovered through the verification, school changes, dependency overrides, etc. Students are encouraged to not make changes to their own Student Aid Reports as electronic means are available and much more expedient. In any case where data is electronically corrected, the student is notified and given appropriate instructions to dispute the data that was changed.

Additional Procedures for Transfer Students


It is extremely important for both full-time and part-time transfer students at USF to complete all of the following:

  • All applications and information requested by Financial Aid Services
  • All official and final academic transcripts have been received by the appropriate admission office
  • An official and final evaluation of credit has been completed by Academic Advising

Financial Aid Services will determine loan eligibility based upon transfer credits accepted by Academic Advising upon entrance to USF.