Scholarship Calculation

Step 1 – SELECT your ACT score or SELECT your SAT score. Only one is required.

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Step 2 – SELECT your GPA range, calculated on a 4.0 unweighted scale.

Step 3 – Answer the additional questions below.

Are you interested in majoring in either Biology or Environmental Science?
Are you interested in singing in our Schola Cantorum choir?
Are you interested in participating on one of the USF Varsity Athletic
Do you attend and plan to graduate from a Catholic High School in the
state of Illinois?
Did your mother or father graduate from USF?
Did your spouse, brother, or sister graduate from USF?
Did your grandmother or grandfather graduate from USF?
Are you interested in participating in a fellowship/honors program for
who are interested in an intellectual challenge?

Step 4 – Once you have verified that the information you entered is
correct, press the calculate button below