USF Educational Assistance Policy Educational Assistance of the USF Policy Manual

Regular full-time employees (working at least 30 hours per week) may qualify for a tuition waiver for themselves, for their spouse and for their dependent children. Upon completion of one year of service as calculated from the Service Date, the employee, their spouse and their dependent children may take revenue neutral courses free of charge. Employees hired prior to March 1, 2009 will be eligible upon Service Date.

Benefits as described above are available to employees and spouses for all college programs, excluding semester or year long Study Abroad. Tuition benefits for dependent children apply only to the traditional on-campus undergraduate program.

Beginning in the summer of 2005, children of employees must meet the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) criteria for dependent status in order to qualify for this benefit.

All class attendance by employees requires approval by the supervisor. Class attendance during the employee’s scheduled work day should be avoided whenever there are alternatives for evening classes, online classes, etc. If class attendance during the day is approved by the supervisor, arrangements to cover the department work schedule must be made without incurring additional costs to the University (i.e. student workers, overtime by other department staff, etc.).

Any of the tuition benefits which are listed must be applied for in advance. The tuition waiver will be granted only during the period of active employment and may not be claimed retroactively. Employees who separate from employment before a class is completed will be charged a pro-rated tuition amount.

All employees attending USF classes are required to complete a Staff Benefits form on a semester basis. Forms can be obtained in the Financial Aid Office.

A. Undergraduate

Full-time employees, their spouses and dependent children are eligible to receive a tuition waiver applicable to regular undergraduate tuition. This waiver does not include fees. To qualify for a tuition waiver, employees, spouses and dependent children must meet regular admission requirements and complete an Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) application and a Pell Grant application. Financial aid applications do not have to be completed for persons who already have a Bachelor’s degree, or who have had the financial aid application requirement waived by the Director of Financial Aid. Dependent children must meet the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) criteria for dependent status.

B. Graduate

A tuition waiver is granted to full-time employees and their spouses for graduate courses. Dependent children are not eligible for tuition waiver for graduate courses. The following apply as guidelines:

The employee and spouse must meet the usual admission criteria. Faculty shall be subject to all rules and regulations governing graduate studies.
Acceptance into a course or the program is on a space available basis; first priority shall be afforded the applicant not affiliated with the University.
It shall be an employee’s responsibility to ensure that such matriculation does not interfere with his or her primary responsibilities as a faculty member, administrator, or support staff member and to ensure that such matriculation does not constitute or lead to professional conflict of interest or special treatment.

C. Tuition Exchange

These programs are for employees (in some cases), but primarily qualified dependent children of employees. Early application is encouraged. Program criteria and restrictions limit the number of applications approved.

Catholic College Cooperative Tuition Exchange
The University of St. Francis is a member of the Catholic College Cooperative Tuition Exchange. This is an organization of Midwestern Catholic Colleges that endorse the concept of a cooperative tuition exchange to permit eligible dependents of faculty and staff at Catholic colleges and universities to receive a waiver of tuition at another participating institution. Interested parties should contact the Director of Human Resources.
The Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange
The University participates in The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Tuition Exchange Program. Interested parties should contact the Director of Human Resources.
The Tuition Exchange Program.
This is the nation’s largest tuition exchange program, with over 550 participating colleges and universities. Participation is limited because exports (dependents of USF employees) may not exceed imports (tuition waiver for dependents of other universities’ employees) by more than 150%.