Sebastian Thurner

Year: Sophomore
Country: Austria
Major: Sports Management
Activities: Basketball and the International Club

I chose University of St. Francis because of our head basketball coach and someone that I look up to, Coach Sullivan (retired). When I first visited USF, I immediately felt welcomed. I like the small size of the university because it made it very easy to make new friends; everyone at USF has a positive attitude. My brother and I are on the men’s basketball team and we are very fortunate to be able to work with all these great coaches who are helping us develop our skills. Another great thing about the university is the faculty-student ratio. Every professor is very friendly and they help me when I have any questions.


Mark Zubov

Year: Sophomore
Country: Russia
Major: Finance
Activities: Tennis and the International Club

I like the fact that USF is located very close to Chicago. I really enjoy going to Downtown Chicago with my friends; there is always something to do up there. I do not have any problems with my classes because of helpful professors and friendly students. Additionally, I have an opportunity to continue playing tennis at USF; something that I have done all my life.


Andy Stecher

Year: Junior
Country: Argentina
Major: Management
Minor: Marketing
Activities: Tennis and the International Club

The main reason why I chose USF was the Management program. I looked it up and I found an outstanding opportunity to gain knowledge. Once I got here I realized how great this place is. I came all the way from South America and I felt really welcomed at USF. Everyone is always friendly and they are always willing to help each other. I am able to be very involved in the university because of many different activities after classes; I am currently a member of tennis team, soccer team, and the international club.


Jakub (Kuba) Szymanski

Year: Graduate School
Country: Poland
Major: currently MBA, received undergraduate degree from University of St. Francis
Activities: The International club

Since I visited the University of St. Francis, I knew that this educational institution was the right place for me. I based my decision to come to USF on the program of study and the location of the school, which is about 35 miles from Chicago, a very influential American city. USF provides a great academic resource center and there are many professors who you can rely on. After receiving an undergraduate degree from St. Francis, I noticed that the whole world is open for me and that potential employers will value the education I received here. I am currently working as a graduate assistant at University of St. Francis in the Office of International Programs and I am pursuing my MBA degree.