USF Library for Online Students

Library support for adult online learners is essential to an excellent and effective academic program. As part of its mission to provide quality education, the University of St. Francis is committed to providing the most effective library resources available to its students throughout the nation.

The USF Library Online Catalog contains all the books, print journals, CDs, DVDs and videos the library has in its collection of over 150,000 items. If you are interested in a book we have in our collection, you can request that it be mailed to your home address, free of charge. Return postage is the responsibility of the borrower. In addition to having access to all the items housed in USF Library, the I-Share catalog allows users to search the collections of 76 libraries throughout Illinois and request to borrow books from other institutions free of charge where it will be mailed to your home address.

If you are looking for journal articles, USF Library subscribes to over 75 online databaes that index millions of journal articles and has subscription access to more than 15,000 online full text journals. You can search for articles on a particular topic through these online databases or browse through a listing of available journals by title or subejct through the Find It system. If during the course of your research come across an article you would like, but cannot access a full text copy through USF Library, our Inter-Library Loan service allows you to request a copy of the article, most often for free, and have a PDF copy sent to your email address within a few days.

In addition to providing you access to information in print and online, USF Library strives to assist users make the most of the information that is available to them. The creation of print and video tutorials assist users in developing their skills in locating, evaluating and using the information available to USF Library and the subject guides have been created as places where highly relevant information has been compiled for students to use as their starting points in using the library and completing library research. Finally, as much of being a student, especially an online student, is completed through writing, the USF Library Citation Guide was developed to assist students properly format citations within their writing.

If you have questions about using the library or any of the library resources, reference librarians are available all hours the library is open to assist you. Reference librarians are available via phone, text, chat and email. For more information on how to contact a USF Librarian visit the Ask-A-Librarian page.