Required Health Forms

Please keep in mind the following when completing the forms below:

  • If your an athlete, please keep in mind our health records are separate from the
    athletic department requirements, we need the completed forms for our records.
  • International students, please note on the forms special requirements you must
  • Nursing and Allied Health Students, your requirements are more detailed.
    Please make sure you understand the need to have a 2-step Mantoux Skin Test
    for your requirements. A time period between the first and second Mantoux must
    be followed for proper testing. Please bring this information to your MD or facility
    that is administering the procedure.
  • Students with incomplete health records will not be allowed to register for
    a second semester.

Please call (815-740-3399) if questions arise on the completion of the health forms. All records will be maintained under the governing rules of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Required Forms

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