Program Requirements

Academic Experiences

The Scholars curriculum consists of:

  • contracts to do honors work in upper level major courses
  • seminars with service learning presentation of a research project
  • submission of quality work to a journal or conference and thesis/capstone completion.

During the junior and senior years, Scholars will need to complete

  • three upper-level courses (9 credit-hours or more) in their major discipline.
  • a research component/project in one of the major contract courses that fulfills honors criteria, is approved by the Honors Council, and is presented in an honors seminar.
  • three 1-credit hour interdisciplinary honors seminars
  • an honors thesis or capstone project that is approved by the Honors Council and is of sufficient quality to be submitted to an undergraduate academic journal or for presentation at an academic conference.

Other Requirements

The Faculty Honors Council sets the guidelines for honors theses, which may be interdisciplinary, but departments set requirements for completion of the thesis.

Cultural/Social Experiences. The Duns Scotus Program sponsors at least six cultural events a year–three in each semester. At least two of these events are off-campus, and include either local or long distance trips. Fellows and Scholars are required to attend at least three events a year, one of which must be off-campus.

Good Standing. In order to remain in good standing in the program, a student must maintain an overall GPA of 3.25. If the GPA falls below 3.25, the student will remain in the program on a probationary status and will have one semester to bring the GPA back up to the required level. If the GPA is not improved after one semester, or if it falls below 3.25 a second time, the student will not be permitted to continue in the program.

In order to remain in the program and graduate with honors a student must complete the sequence of courses, seminars, cultural experiences, and service learning as outlined above.