Things Veterans Need to Know

Things to know about Veterans Programs

Q:  Do Active Duty, Reservists and National Guard service members need permission to take classes?
What you should know: Active Duty/Reservists/National Guard MUST have their attendance approved and coordinated with their post/base/unit education advisor or Education Service Officer (ESO) prior to attendance at University of St. Francis. Please seek out the appropriate individual in your command to secure permission first.

Q: I’m already getting GI Bill benefits. Should I apply for other financial aid?
What you should know: Every undergraduate veteran and service member attending USF should apply for financial assistance through the federal and state government using the FAFSA. If you are an undergraduate you may qualify for a Pell Grant and possible, depending on your benefit type, you may also be eligible to receive Illinois Monetary Award Program funds to help pay tuition your Post 9/11 benefits don’t cover.

Q: Do I have to be a degree-seeking student to use my benefits?
What you should know: Yes, you must be a degree-seeking undergraduate, graduate or doctoral student at USF in order to receive benefits.

Q: Can I take any classes I want to?
What you should know: The classes you take must be applicable to receiving your degree. The VA will only pay you for classes that will take you to your degree objective. All service members should coordinate their classes with their Education Service Officer (ESO) or equivalent authority.

Q: Do I have to make satisfactory progress like all other students?
What you should know: Yes, you must report all changes in enrollment, up or down, as soon as they occur. If you receive funds you are not entitled to receive, you will be placed in an “overpayment status” with the VA and they will ask for their money back. It will either be deducted from future benefits, or you will be asked to pay it back out-of-pocket. Service members must make satisfactory academic progress like all other USF students.

Q: Do I have to be accepted for admissions prior to my benefits being certified to the VA?
What you should know: Yes, you must be accepted for admission

Q: Do I have to be registered for classes prior to my benefits being certified?
What you should know: Yes, you must have completed registration before certification

Q: Does USF have a commitment to veterans?
What you should know: USF has always welcomed veteran students. When given the opportunity to participate in the Post 9/11 Yellow Ribbon GI Bill program, USF gladly signed an agreement with the VA to participate. USF does everything we can to ensure we are serving our veteran students’ needs to the best degree possible.


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