Candice Rosen

When Candice Rosen was on break during her nursing shift at the hospital, she picked up a brochure for the University of St. Francis (USF). Although she had a degree from South Chicago Community Hospital School of Nursing, she was intrigued by the brochure, and decided to take one class at USF.

One class turned into a bachelor’s degree.

“I found the classes to be addicting,” said Rosen, of Chicago. “The university afforded me the opportunity to raise children, work, and get an education at the same time. It was wonderful experience.”

Rosen says she has always been grateful to USF for the education she received and applied that knowledge throughout her education, her career, and in raising her family. After USF, Rosen earned a master’s degree in social work from Loyola University Chicago and certification in Health Counseling from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

“My liberal arts education from USF taught me to look at problems from a different angle,” said Rosen, a mother of four. “That kind of problem solving helped me as I progressed in my career and developed the Pancreatic Nutritional Program (PNP).”

Rosen operates her own practice, and is the originator and director of the PNP. The philosophy of the PNP is how the pancreas plays a crucial role in overall health and wellness. Her recent book, The Pancreatic Oath, focuses on the underlying causes of symptoms, specifically pancreatic abuse, and treats the source of illness rather than the consequences.

Rosen is an active volunteer. She is a founding member of Gilda’s Club Chicago, a support network for people affected by cancer, and served as its first executive director and program director. She is the chair of healthcare initiatives for Chicago’s Sister Cities International Program and member of a number of professional associations and committees.