Alumni Spotlight

Patti Gomez, ’04, ‘06

After nearly 7 years as a nurse, Patti Gomez was eager to advance her career. A self-dubbed “lifelong learner,” Gomez selected USF for its flexible programs that were close to home and work.

“I found the online program to be very friendly because it was a mix of students from across the county,” Gomez said. “It brought a great perspective of what was going on with health care across the country.”

She earned her Masters in Health Administration through on-site and online courses and immediately re-enrolled in the online Masters of Business Administration program.

“I’ve always had a passion for business,” she said. “I knew the broad business perspective would help me move up the administrative track.”

Gomez is the administrative director for the Emergency Services Institute at Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora, Ill. She manages finances and develops strategic business and marketing plans for the institute.

Gomez said her favorite class at USF was marketing. “It was learning the strategy of how you market your service line to the community—really selling your product,” she said.