USF to launch entrepreneurship program

The University of St. Francis has announced that its College of Business and Health Administration (COBHA) will launch an undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the fall of 2012. A graduate concentration is planned for 2014. The new program will focus on preparing and assisting individuals who are interested in new business start-up.

According to COBHA Dean Christopher Clott, courses in entrepreneurial process, business research, business plan development and marketing strategy will give students an appreciation and solid underpinning for development of their own entrepreneurial interests. Relevant internships and a potential business incubator for student ventures will round out the major.

Said COBHA faculty member and program leader Steve Morrissette, “Will County and Chicagoland have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. There are countless examples of local entrepreneurs who are launching great companies in our community– companies that provide a large number of new jobs. Many of our hard-working students aspire to start their own businesses someday to create their own American success story.”

USF is thrilled about the new program and anticipates good enrollment figures, especially since other area schools are currently offering very little in the entrepreneurial field. Faculty members and administrators are looking forward to the promise the opportunity could bring to the university as well as the students who pursue the major.

“We are especially excited to connect our students with the many outstanding entrepreneurs in our community,” said Clott. “Our program will make extensive use of field-based learning so students can benefit directly from the wisdom and experience of local business owners.”