Know your Faculty: Mario Garcia

Adjunct faculty member Mario Garcia Jr. has been making a name for University of St. Francis in Miami for the last 8 years. Garcia, who instructs classes both on-site and online, has help turn out hundreds of USF alumni in South Florida and across the country since the birth of the Master in Health Administration program.

“It has been a pleasure to see several of the first graduates of the MHA program, who were my students in Miami in the first courses provided, now perform at supervisory levels and still maintain contact with me as their mentor,” he said.

Garcia has taught a variety of courses, including Ethics, Medical Sociology, Health Care Marketing and Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration. As a retired U.S. Army Captain with a combined legal and psychological/clinical background, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom—real or virtual. “Teaching is my passion,” he said.

Garcia has a bachelor of science from Regents College, a MBA from Golden Gate University, a JD from University of Miami School of Law, and a PhD from Lael College & Graduate School. He’s a member of the Florida Bar, American Bar Association, American Immigration Lawyers Association, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and Sport Lawyers Association. He’s also fluent in Spanish.