Meet a Class of 2010 Graduate: Thaddeus Henderson

This spring Thaddeus Henderson made a spot for himself in the University of St. Francis record books, but it had nothing to do with touchdowns, runs or goals. Henderson was named All-American Outstanding Attorney for both prosecution and defense during the Collegiate Mock Trail Nationals in Greenville, S.C.

Henderson, a Chicago native, is the first USF student to earn the dual honors in the national competition. Only one other student out of the 250 competing at nationals this year received such recognition. Competitors hailed from some of the nation’s biggest and best-known universities, including Duke University, University of Chicago, University of North Carolina and University of Florida.

“Mock Trail has helped me break out of my shell and help expose USF to the rest of the world,” Henderson said. “It has helped promote our small political science program as one that is just as capable as the big programs.”

Attorney and USF alumnus Martin Shanahan, who coaches the team, said Henderson had a phenomenal senior season, earning recognition in every event he competed in. “Thaddeus had a break-out year,” he said. “He was truly the team leader and will be missed.”

Henderson, who graduates May 8, is moving to Washington D.C. in order to achieve his goal of ascertaining his Juris Doctor and becoming a public servant. “I plan to take what I have learned with my USF education and apply it to many different aspects of life,” he said.

Despite the impending move, Henderson said he plans to stay in touch with the university. “It is so important to keep in contact because I secured my internship in Washington with the help of an alumnus, and I want to return the favor someday,” he said. “It’s the Franciscan way.” Plus, Henderson plans to keep tabs on his record. “I hope I set the bar high for someone else to break it,” he said.