Meet a Class of 2010 Graduate: LeighAnn Bell

When LeighAnn Bell decided to pursue a master’s degree, she found the University of St. Francis’ Training & Development program to be the perfect fit. “This experience was invaluable,” she said. “The online environment was flexible enough for me to develop my own learning schedule, yet the courses provided a structured, instructor-led format that allowed for a full exchange of ideas and work experiences.”

Bell, an instructional designer working in higher education, said the Training & Development program built on her professional experience while providing her with further insight into training management and applied research methods.

She’s now using her USF education to stay competitive in an increasingly global economy. “A solid education can be the key to open the door to your success,” Bell said. “This degree will open doors and allow me to pursue other avenues of adult education. In the future, I would like to contribute to the development of other students as an online instructor.”

Bell graduated with her master’s degree in May 2010 after just over a year of schooling. “I was motivated to complete my degree in 14 months and with the support of the program staff and faculty I achieved my goal,” she said. “My academic journey at the University of St. Francis was positive, motivating and rewarding experience.

“If you make the commitment, set your goals and dedicate yourself to your education as deeply as you would to your family or career, you can succeed.”