Karen Wyble ’01

Karen WybleTo many, nurses perform their jobs in one of a few places; hospitals, doctors’ offices, surgery centers and a few other health care locations. What you may not know is that many nurses are also in board rooms or behind the desk as administrators-calling the shots that lead to greater patient care decisions that affect everyone under their facility’s care.

Karen O. Wyble is currently serving as the CEO of St. Martin Hospital in Breaux Bridge, La., but she wasn’t always in that position. Wyble originally worked as an ICU nurse.  After several years on that floor she realized the best way to make the right decisions for her patients was to move into an administrative, leadership role.

That’s where USF entered Wyble’s life. Wyble started her college search by reviewing a myriad of college syllabi to see what their courses covered in order to ascertain which college would give her the most comprehensive education. Upon reviewing the University of St. Francis’ syllabus, Wyble felt that USF gave the most in depth instruction on relevant topics in the field of business and health care. In 2001 Wyble graduated with her MBA from St. Francis. Ten years later, Wyble added an MHA to her list of achievements as well.

During her time at USF, Wyble took her the education seriously because the curriculum was designed to help her be a better leader. In fact, she was sure to take programs that would make her an exceptional leader through informed decision making. Wyble feels that this education, in addition to her “front-line” experience as a nurse, allows her to understand the importance of what model of care is the best for her patients.

Wyble is excited to support her community and guarantee successful standards that meet rural family needs and advanced initiatives. She hopes they will also strengthen the reputation of St. Martin’s, considering it already has the same level of competency in many areas that a larger urban hospital offers.

Wyble believes in a healthy work-life balance. She gardens, reads and spends time within her community and with family in her free time.