Alumni Spotlight: Troy Talkington ’09

Just a few short years ago, you couldn’t find a student on campus that didn’t know the name Troy Talkington. After leaving his mark on USF, Talkington now is making his way at Boston College as a Resident Director.

After completing his graduate degree this spring at Loyola University in Chicago, Talkington decided to leave Chicago for the job in Boston. “I wanted to work in a department that I felt would give me opportunities to grow as a professional and hopefully help set trends in the field,” Talkington said.

He also wanted to be involved in an institution where he could continue his own education. Talkington plans to earn his doctorate degree and eventually move into higher education administration. Being a resident director allows him to have a variety of experiences in the field, he said. Talkington said he wishes he could still attend all of the university events, but plans to stay connected and contribute to USF in other ways.

“It is important for me to give back to the future Saints in any way I can, because I was afforded the opportunities I had thanks to those who passed through the halls of USF before me,” he said.