Alumnus helps students learn about investing

A group of University of St. Francis business students got a first-hand look into the world of investing and finance last month during a visit with alumni.

DeWitt Buchanan, BA ’89, a senior financial advisor with Ameriprise Incorporated, invited the group of five junior and senior business students along with associate professor of finance Frank Wyrostek for a roundtable breakfast on Sept. 15 at the Shorewood location.

The students got to ask questions about Buchanan’s profession and gain insight into the financial industry. The group also toured the office, walked through development of a financial plan and looked at portfolios. Students also spoke with Robert Martin, an Ameriprise employee and 2005 alumni, who was hired by Buchanan earlier this year.

“The students were exposed to not only the experience of 20 years of financial planning of Mr. Buchanan, but the insights of a relatively new graduate learning the profession,” Wyrostek said. Edon Shaqiri, a junior management major, said the experience was extremely beneficial.

“A thorough understanding of financial concepts is essential but combining that with an experience of how financial theory is applied, you gain valuable insight that will serve you a lifetime,” he said. Timothy Plett, a junior management major, agreed. “Not just crunching numbers and looking at statements, this trip taught us that finance is much more,” he said.

The trip was the first in a series of alumni visits planned by Wyrostek to help bring together our professional business alumni with current students. These visits will help “bridge the divide” between academia and the business world, he said.