Success Stories: Becky Barritt ’06

Nothing makes University of St. Francis (USF) graduate Becky Barritt happier than seeing her customers’ smiles after a project is complete. As owner of Becky’s Creative Landscape and Design, she creates custom solutions for her clients.

“I tailor each landscape to fit my customers’ needs like low maintenance, using green-friendly materials, and water conservation measures,” said Barritt. “These practices save our customers money and time and help protect the environment.”

The Lompoc, Calif., resident started her business nearly 20 years ago when she started doing small, residential landscaping projects. Shortly after she started her business, Barritt decided she needed to obtain a bachelor’s degree to learn how to better express herself and market her business. At the time she lived in Morris, Ill., and started checking out local universities. She found the total package at USF.

“The communication program at USF had it all including photography, graphic design, and journalism, and it suited my needs very well,” said Barritt. “What I learned while I was a USF student was instrumental in helping me build my business.”

Barritt credits USF teaching her how to write and think creatively. She was able to use her learned skills on things like her Web site and company logo.

Though Barritt has a successful business now, things weren’t always easy. An army veteran, Barritt had two young children and was working full-time when she was completing her USF degree.

“I was under a great deal of stress when I was a student, but USF made it convenient for me to go to school,” said Barritt. “In the short-run things were rather chaotic, but in the long-run, earning my degree helped me a great deal, and I’m so glad I did it.”

Working hard in her business has gotten her recognized by her hometown. The City of Lompoc elected her chair of the beautification commission.

“I’m in business because I enjoy what I’m doing, and nothing makes me happier than doing what I love,” said Barritt.