Routines are Important

Hello, everyone! My name is Mary Johnson and I am a counseling intern at the USF counseling center. During this time of adjusting to all of the recent changes and transitioning to online school and work, I have made it a point to take time to reflect on my experiences as well as how I am dealing with these changes.

As I am sure many of you can relate, my plans for this spring semester did not unfold as I thought they would. I have experienced many emotions including frustration and confusion due to this. Any emotions you may be experiencing during this time is okay. I have seen other people experiencing anger or grief over the loss of things such as their graduation, time with friends, and freedom to do fun things like go out to restaurants or shopping.  

In terms of how I have been dealing with all of the recent change, although eating chips and watching Netflix all day can seem tempting, I have been doing my best to stick to my usual routine. Waking up and making breakfast before hopping on my computer to get work done sets a good tone for the day, and ensures I will be productive. Setting a daily schedule for yourself with a few tasks you would like to get done can be helpful in giving purpose to each day. If there is a day when you do not stick to your routine or schedule, that is okay! Be kind and gentle with yourself, and try again tomorrow.

Dealing with Change

“It’s okay to be sad, and if you do feel sad or frustrated or angry, whatever you feel, let yourself feel that way… Don’t beat yourself up for being human.” – Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker

The #LivingWiseAndWell team will be taking a different approach with content these next few weeks with this quote in mind, as they look to capture the essence of those who may be struggling with grief/loss at this time.

Hello USF community! My name is Brooke Kochevar and I am a counselor-in-training at the USF Counseling Center.

This has been a strange and new time over the last two weeks. My family, like millions of others, have had to make some adjustments to deal with this pandemic. I have spent more time than I am comfortable in my house and around my family, but I am trying to do my best to stop the spread of the virus like us all.

Everyone is dealing with this change differently. For me, something I have found solace in is having a routine, but also making sure that I do something different each day. Every day blends very easily and by adding different activities such as walks, watching a new movie, or re-watching my favorite movie for the hundredth time, reading a book, calling relatives and friends, and just binging Netflix, I feel that I am able to process this quarantine life a little easier. The new highlight to my day is going on a long walk with my darling dog Sadie, who is beyond happy that my family and I are home (her tail won’t stop wagging)!

Something else that has helped me is making sure I sit with myself and try to process how this pandemic is making me feel. Some of us may have heard, “It’s okay to not be okay.” In these times, I feel it could not be truer. I am nervous about this pandemic, and I do not like how it has changed my way of life, but I also want to stay healthy and protect those around me. While I am taking precautions and doing what the doctors and suggestions tell me, it is still okay to be scared, and it is okay not to be. Being aware of my feelings towards this helps dictate what I do and helps me process it easier.

Let’s all stay healthy, but still stick together in this hard time. Also, be kind to others and be aware that everyone has a different why (outlook on how they manage problems) and a very different life. We will get through this together; keep thinking about where we want to be mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and other ways, when this is over.

Stay healthy everyone!

Brooke Kochevar
USF Counselor-in-Training