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Thank you for your interest in a potential USF Intern, the Career Success Center is excited to assist you, here is some information to help get you started.


Overview of Internships

Internships are full or part-time, credit or non-credit bearing, short-term, supervised, work experiences. They can be established on or off-campus and may be paid or unpaid. Faculty members, collaborating with an on-site supervisor, monitor and supervise student progress, detail content, and evaluate final achievement. Not included in the internship category are field work, practica, student teaching, clinical experiences, and independent study experiences.

Internships provide the opportunity for a student to integrate work and formal education with experts in his/her major field of study, to test the chosen career path, and to be involved in activities like those of full-time employees.

The University of St. Francis expects that the objectives of an internship be content based, skill related, academically substantive, value related, and integral to the students’ academic and career path. If you need assistance developing learning objectives that align with your Internship goals, please speak with your Faculty Supervisor.

We offer on campus recruiting for employers both throughout the year and at our annual Career Fair. The Career Success Center can assist you in promoting job and internship opportunities. Please contact Betty Kohl at 815-740-4295 for more information and to book your recruiting table.


Pay, Course Credit or Both?

Think about if you can pay the intern, if not, you will have to offer course credit. The only organizations exempt from these requirements are government agencies and non-profits. Credit can be offered to students on a 1 credit hour basis. The number of semester hours of credit granted on an internship is dependent upon the expected learning experience, amount of challenge, exposure to the field, number and difficulty of oral and written papers and presentations, and contact or clock hours. The intern must meet the minimum requirement of 45 clock hours for each semester hour of credit.

Academic Credit Internships:

  • Paid Internship/For-Credit – Partnership between student and employer. Students will gain degree related work experience while being paid from employer and receiving course credit from the University.
  • Unpaid Internship/For-Credit – Experience strongly related to an academic discipline to be deemed credit worthy, a faculty is assigned to oversee credit issued.

Non-Academic Credit Internships: 

  • Paid Internship/Non-Credit – Exist mainly in the private for profit employer sector – students are paid to learn specific objectives while they work.
  • Unpaid Internship/Non-Credit – Focus on providing a service and gaining degree related on-the-job experience, opportunities are generally unpaid. Unpaid internships typically take place in the non-profit sector.

How to Post an Open Internship

Please submit a job description to our free online job database! Here are links to our job boards…

Join Handshake: The University of St. Francis uses the Join Handshake platform. To post jobs, please click here and register your information.

College Central Network: Click here to connect with the College Central Network— a job board that reaches 18 small Illinois colleges and universities that are part of the Illinois Small College Placement Association (ISCPA).


Employer Responsibilities

  • Interview student intern, hire, and set contract dates for internship length and work schedule.
  • Complete employer section on our USF Internship Paperwork, student intern is responsible for completing the entire form.
  • Manage intern, teach and guide them, set objectives for internship, and introduce them to new skills and experiences within their field.
  • Complete a mid-term and final evaluation on their performance. Student is responsible for providing it to you and turning it in to their professor.
  • Every internship is supervised by a professor, that professor will oversee the student interns progress, and provide them with a final grade based partly on your evaluation feedback.



Betty Kohl
Employment and Internship Support Specialist
815-740-4295 or 815-740-3384 |