College of Arts & Sciences Mission Statement

In keeping with the Catholic Franciscan nature of the University, the College has as its broadest mission the education of the whole person intellectually, morally, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. It does this by challenging our students to confront foundational questions such as the purpose and meaning of life, including one’s relationship with others and with God. It prepares its students as well for careers in specific fields and promotes the integration of liberal arts with professional preparation.

The College takes a leadership role in the University in liberal education and developing in its students the knowledge, dispositions, critical and analytical thought that are necessary for lifelong learning and engaged citizenship in the global community. It develops in both its faculty and students a commitment to individual and collaborative scholarship that encourages lifelong learning and enriches the life of the mind across the disciplines. The College has as its special mission service to traditional and returning undergraduate students through teaching the University’s core values such as ethical awareness, liberal learning, and research.

Building upon these values our professional programs give students discipline specific skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s diverse workplace. Committed to “First Holiness then Learning” the College’s mission allows it to live out and teach the Franciscan values of Respect, Compassion, Service and Integrity.