USF Student Conduct Policies

At the University of St. Francis, cooperation and respect among students, staff, and teachers are essential in building a positive learning atmosphere. To encourage and maintain this atmosphere, the University of St. Francis will take action against any disruptive behavior which occurs in class, in an advising office, on the school site, or in university housing.

“Disruptive behavior” means: (a) conduct which prevents other students from learning or from doing required homework; (b) words or actions which prevent the teacher from meeting the needs and goals of the class; (c) words or actions that demonstrate noncompliance with ELAP requirements; and (d) any action or word intended to hurt, harass, or offend a teacher, another student, or a staff member.

A list of some behaviors which are disruptive and therefore unacceptable at USF:

Showing disrespect or lack of courtesy towards another individual. Examples of such conduct include the following:

  • Intimidating others physically or verbally
  • Refusing to do or complete the assigned student work
  • Refusing to cooperate with teachers and other students
  • Refusing to enroll in appropriate coursework as recommended by program advisor or as stipulated in program description
  • Refusing to bring required textbooks to class or materials to advising appointments
  • Sleeping in class or working on other assignments while engaged in class activities
  • Repeatedly arriving late to class or advising appointments
  • Repeatedly speaking one’s native language during class or during formal program activities
  • Denying other students an equal opportunity to participate in class
  • Arriving at school under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No alcohol or drugs are allowed in University of St. Francis classrooms or on school property at any time.
  • Being violent or sexually offensive. Any form of physical violence, threats, or sexual harassment may result in immediate expulsion from the program.

The actions and behavior described above are not acceptable at the University of St. Francis and will be dealt with in the following manner:

  • A verbal warning from the teacher or program advisor to the offending student, specifying the behavior and the consequences.
  • A private meeting with the teacher or program advisor in which the teacher/program administrator reviews the conduct policy. This meeting should be concluded with the teacher/program administrator and student signing the student conduct policy and/or a statement tailored to the specific situation.
  • An appointment with the Associate Director, during which appropriate action will be taken.
  • Repeated offenses may result in expulsion.

The University is guided by the University of St. Francis Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organization, and Students. These policies address a wide range of academic, social, cultural and service related activities as well as responsibilities of students while in attendance at the University of St. Francis. Additionally, they address the importance of safety and security of all members of the USF community.