Aaron Desmond

Q & A with nursing student Aaron Desmond, who
completed  clinicals at Presence St. Joseph Hospital.


Aaron DesmondA typical day on the job.
At clinical I do a variety of things. No two days are the same in the emergency department at Presence St. Joseph Medical Center (PSJMC). I’ve been doing my clinical overnight, which is much faster paced than many people would imagine. When people come into the ER, I assess them to make sure they are stable and provide interventions that are within my scope of practice to get them stable. Some nights I will get a patient that comes in via ambulance with full cardiac arrest, which requires a whole team of nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, a phlebotomist, and radiology techs all at once, and then I can get a patient with some kind of trauma like an open ankle fracture that’s bleeding. Other nights, people will come into the ER with issues that they could’ve easily waited to see their primary care providers for.


Any life-changing moments during your clinicals?
Thirty minutes into a “code” (which is when a patient has a heart attack) and while BLS/ACLS protocols were being performed, two other students and myself were doing CPR on the patient. We finally got his heart rhythm back. If he hadn’t gotten his rhythm back,  he physician would have pronounced him dead, so it felt awesome to put in all that effort and literally save someone’s life.


Would you consider staying in town to work at Presence St. Joseph after you graduate?
Sure! I like the emergency department a lot, but I’ve lived in Joliet nearly my whole life so my only fear is seeing someone that I know in a critical situation.


How have you been able to “give back” to the community through this experience?
Giving back to the community is awesome. A lot of underserved people seek care at PSJMC and it’s really an honor to serve them with dignity and respect.