Angie Maffeo, USF Employee

Angie Maffeo, USF Employee

Angie Maffeo, USF Employee

When Angie Maffeo was ten years old, her family hosted an exchange student from Austria. It was at that moment that, Maffeo, director of English Language for Academic Purposes (ELAP) and acting director of international programs at the University of St. Francis, knew her life was changed.

Maffeo enjoyed learning from the students from other countries, but more so helping them adjust to life in the United States. Throughout the years, her family hosted three additional exchange students. When it was time for Maffeo to go to college, she decided to pursue international affairs.

“I studied international affairs on the policy level, thinking I could make a difference,” said Maffeo.

While she was a student, Maffeo started tutoring English as Second Language students and their parents for extra money. Something changed for Maffeo, and she realized how she could make a difference. She knew that she could help students more on a personal level and pursued a career path that lead her eventually to become the director of ELAP at USF.

Maffeo has enjoyed interacting with students one-on-one and helping them realize their dreams of studying in the United States.

“Studying in another country offers many advantages to students including a more global perspective and a chance to make international contacts,” said Maffeo.

Currently USF has 38 international students from about 10 different counties including China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and England.

“The small size of USF allows international students to be fully immersed in university culture and receive personal attention during their academic studies that isn’t always possible at larger universities,” said Maffeo.

Maffeo has traveled to education fairs and events in China, Turkey and South America, to let students know about what USF has to offer.

“USF has a family friendly atmosphere with all the benefits of a city school without living in the city,” said Maffeo. “For many students, this type of connection is important. We often become their ‘parents’ while they are studying here in the U.S.”

The population of international students continues to grow at USF, and international students adjust well to the university.

“It’s important for everyone, not just students at USF to be accepting of different backgrounds and cultures,” said Maffeo. “The world is a diverse place, and we can all learn a lot from each other.”