Ashley Miller

Preparedness, time management skills, hands-on learning and real world experiences.

ashleymiller-webpageThese are all hallmarks of sophomore Communications and Media Arts major, Ashley Miller’s, USF experience. “USF prepares its students to go into the workforce by teaching its students a little of everything and forming each student into a ‘jack of all trades’. This is very beneficial when trying to get a job, especially in the field I am in. Companies would rather hire someone who could write the script, take the video and edit the footage than hire someone who could only do one of the tasks.” Ashley comments.

Ashley aspires to become a magazine editor. This career is well within her reach; especially given her strong resume, which she has been building over the last two years. Ashley is currently working as the Special Section editor for the student run newspaper the USF Encounter. Next year she hopes to assume the responsibility of Art Director, a position supervised directly by the Editor-in-Chief. As Art Director, Ashley will gain invaluable experience directing the lay-out and all artistic attributes of each new issue.

Other extracurricular activities keep Ashley’s circle of interests broad and diverse, such as her involvement with the Joliet Symphony Orchestra as a violinist. Continuing her interests with violin not only allows her some creative outlet but to also make a little extra income on the side. “These performances and experiences have introduced me to many wonderful people and have put my name out into the community to attain new jobs and recurring ones as well. Some examples of repeated jobs are playing for the Festival of Trees at the Rialto Square Theater for the past two years and performing with Plainfield North and Central high schools during their spring musicals” Ashley states.

Though her calendar already seems full-Ashley also works part-time at Menards and as a student worker in the Marketing Services office. Despite the time commitment needed, Ashley is confident she is taking away valuable skills she will continue to use in her professional life. “I manage content on the school’s website and perform various other tasks as requested. This position has been very beneficial because I learned how to code using HTML and CSS and this ability will help me greatly in the long run.”

Ashley is definitely making the most of her time at USF. She is utilizing the small class sizes and making strides on her own time. Of course, helpful professors like Brien McHugh, certainly help. “Brien gave me the spiel for the Communication & Media Arts department on my first visit day and he has been a huge support in my schooling ever since. He makes class enjoyable and he not only teaches us, but he lets us learn through our own mistakes” Ashley recalls.

Ashley hopes to graduate in December of 2017, which is ahead of schedule by a semester. Ashley is surely a student to watch over the next few years as she continues to absorb all the University of St. Francis has to offer its students.