Ashley (Richards) Webb ’13

Ashley (Richards) Webb ’13
Current M.S. Educational Leadership candidate

For as long as she can remember, Ashley Webb wanted to be a teacher. Ashley remembers teachers who left big impressions on her while growing up and easily recalls how those role models sparked her excitement for learning. She decided she wanted to pass that same kind of passion on to younger generations by empowering them to learn and to enjoy the learning process.

Webb enjoyed studying in USF’s College of Education, saying, “There are so many things I learned from professors and other staff members that have made me successful.” She adds that while those individuals taught her how to be a successful teacher, they more importantly showed her by demonstrating an authentic passion for helping students achieve great things in the classroom.

Webb also gives credit to her teachers on the volleyball court—both coaches and teammates—for helping her to become the person she is today. Coach Cara Currier, her staff and her players were exceptionally welcoming, and Webb remembers feeling like a Saint from her very first visit. Playing in

Currier’s program provided insights about the special qualities that make an effective leader. Webb applied knowledge gained from every mistake and loss to help make herself and the team more successful.

Now a teacher at Minooka Intermediate School in Minooka, Ill. and in her spare time, an assistant coach for the Fighting Saints volleyball team, Webb acknowledges that she relies on that same kind of determination in her classroom and on the court. Drawing on past experiences and lessons learned at USF, she works hard to demonstrate to her students and players the same passion that made the difference for her. “I want my students and players to love every day of school, to practice hard, and to work to be the best they can be.”