Brian Sharp

B Sharp headshotBrian Sharp did not necessarily plan on being co-founder and Vice President of BridgePoint Technologies when he first began college at the University of St. Francis. Like many students, he had a major in mind and anticipated a good job would follow if he kept his grades up and graduated.

Not long into his four years at USF, Brian landed a student position in the Information Systems department. Daily assignments from his supervisors gave him experience with many aspects of the growing information systems field. It wasn’t long until friends and family asked Brian for help when setting up a PC or troubleshooting an issue. Positive reviews travelled very quickly and Brian found himself working side jobs frequently.

Shortly before graduation Brian decided that building his own tech company was his calling. He graduated in 1997 with his bachelor’s degree in computer science and began working as a consultant at an IT company full time. He began MBA courses after only one semester off, all the while working full time and building his own clientele after-hours.

Fast forward 10 years, Brian and his three co-founders are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of BridgePoint Technologies. Their firm offers technology solutions in terms of staffing, managed services, application development and everything in between. Based in Oak Brook, Ill. BridgePoint has clients and offices throughout the Chicagoland area in addition to a few out-of-state clients. Brian and his team netted $7.5 million in revenue for 2013 and hopes to exceed that number for 2014.

Hard work, integrity and dedication have been key to BridgePoint, and Brian’s, success over the last decade or so. “I realized early on that there would always be someone, somewhere, who wanted it more than you. That thought stayed in the back of mind during long nights and challenging days. It motivated me to stay diligent on a daily basis and it has definitely paid off in the end” Brian says. “The values I learned at USF have also continued to serve me well, both in business and life” he states.

Brian and several USF classmates stay in touch and often see one another on a monthly basis. Hoping to inspire future entrepreneurs, Brian began teaching business classes at USF as an adjunct professor. He also attends many alumni events with his family throughout the year and plans to remain involved for years to come. When Brian is not at the office he is at home or on the soccer pitch coaching his children’s soccer teams.