Emily Egizio ’15, ’18

Emily Egizio was a bright student in the College of Business & Health Administration (COBHA), and is now sharing her talents with the corporate world. After earning her bachelor’s degree in marketing and management in 2015, she continued on to obtain her MBA in 2018. She now works as an events manager for Bowlero Corporation.

Egizio felt a natural and practical progression while transitioning from the undergraduate to the graduate program at University of St. Francis. She enjoyed her small classes and the personal attention she received from her professors as an undergraduate, noting that her instructors truly got to know her and understand her learning style.

“They knew the best way to help me and pointed me in the right direction when I needed help,” she described.

After graduating, Egizio dove straight into her MBA work. She completed COBHA’s “3 to Degree” program, in which some of her undergrad courses counted toward her MBA, and she was able to finish in a shorter timeframe. She noted that her undergraduate courses were building blocks for her graduate program, and her graduate program was a strong foundation for her career. Egizio not only worked full time while completing her MBA, but she even completely changed careers during that time.

“I would not have been able to do it without online learning. Working full time and having to complete classes to finish my degree was a lot to handle,” she said.

Egizio appreciated the fact that even though they never met in a classroom, her online professors and classmates made topics come to life while they participated in online “discussions” about their jobs and workplaces. She was impressed by the fact that many of her professors came from big corporations and were therefore able to offer their real-world expertise and knowledge to students. The rigorous workload was also helpful because it taught her how to meet deadlines and multitask on multiple projects, which is a helpful skill in the workplace.

Egizio feels every one of her COBHA professors was influential in some way.

“I learned a lot in Dr. [Rich] Vaughn’s marketing classes. He was also the advisor for the Student Business Association, which I was a part of. Dr. [Shannon] Brown, one of my main management professors, was the advisor for F.R.E.E., which I was the president of, and she was a personal mentor of mine. Dr. [Bonnie] Covelli was the advisor for Enactus, which I helped start at USF. Professor [Joseph] Ferrallo, Dr. [David] Gordon, Dr. [Steve] Morrissette, Dr. [Tony] Zordon…all of them contributed to my success at USF. I can say that I would not be as successful as I am today
without all of their help,” expressed Egizio. “I still do the ‘power poses’ we learned in Dr. Brown’s class, and I’m never nervous or scared to give presentations or have hard conversations with employees because I have great lessons to fall back on.”

Egizio is now the regional event manager for Chicago and Houston at Bowlero Corporation. She has nine centers that she oversees events for—four in Chicagoland and five in Houston, Texas. Bowlero’s mission statement is, “We strive to be a world-class provider of delightful guest experiences, and to provide a dynamic work environment where talented and ambitious associates will thrive,” and Egizio feels her company truly lives its mission.

“Bowlero believes that all employees have value and can be successful. Every day when I go to work, I know I’m going to have a good time. I truly enjoy what I do. I love training and developing staff and keep looking forward to the next step,” said Egizio. “One month into working for the company, I was promoted. A year after that I was promoted again. I have only been in my position for two months and I recently went from working with four centers to nine. It’s really amazing to feel so prepared and confident!”

When she gets free time, Egizio loves to read and watch movies. She also crafts, sews, enjoys scrapbooking, and just generally likes being creative. But most importantly, after being born and raised in Joliet, she loves Chicago’s sports teams—especially the Cubs and the Blackhawks.

“Cubs for sure!” she replied, after being asked which she liked best.