Eric Ruiz ’07, ’09

With summer break around the corner, many soon-to-be high school seniors will be applying for colleges and narrowing down their top choices, while graduating seniors will be making their final decisions on where to attend college. Eric Ruiz ’07, ’09, director of undergraduate admissions at USF, knows all about the college decision process and what students need to take into consideration when choosing the best fit.

What is your advice for students who are trying to make a decision about where to go to college?

I usually try to tell students to think about what they want to do every day – not what they want to be, but what they want to do. For example, I’ve always wanted to be an accountant because of what accountants do: they have their own offices, they get to tell people what to do and help them with money, and wear a tie to work every day. That’s exactly what I do in admissions anyway, so that’s why I love what I do. So for students, as long as they can do what they want to do every day, it doesn’t matter what their career is or what choice of college they pick, as long as the college has the programs and services to help them best develop skills that can transfer over multiple disciplines. As long as they are doing what they love, they’re going to be able to make the right choice.

What is your favorite part about helping students through the admissions process?
I think my favorite part is that time when students are trying to figure out whether or not it is possible to come to USF and then they get that light-bulb moment and realize that they can go to college. When they realize that they can go to college, it’s like a whole new world opens up for them and they seem so excited and nervous at the same time because they have hope that college is possible.

What do you wish students knew about USF?

I wish students knew how real we are when it comes to providing insight and options to help them figure out their future. We’re not a very big school in comparison to all the others in the United States, but we have one of the biggest hearts and one of the best families that takes care of each other.

What’s your favorite thing to eat on campus?
If I had to choose something, I would say I’ve always loved our pizza and our Taco Tuesdays.


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