Jillian Wingfield Hetelle ’14

November 4-10 is National Radiological Technology Week, so USF is spotlighting some of its radiation therapy major alumni!

Alumna Jillian Wingfield Hetelle is a 2014 graduate of USF’s radiation therapy program. Today, she is a practicing radiation therapist at Advanced Urology in Joliet, Illinois.

Jillian says, “Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to get into a career that helps people, cares for them and brings positivity into their lives. My career choice was actually inspired by my aunt Cassie, who is the lead therapist at Morris Cancer Center. When I was in 8th grade, I shadowed her on the job and I will always remember that experience. It helped me choose what field to get into. I am so grateful to be able to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Jillian also has a passion for mission work.

“Traveling to Haiti three times has truly opened my eyes to the world around me. It is a whole different world there. I’ve learned that you cannot be content with what you have until you are discontent with what others don’t have. Whether treating patients or traveling to Haiti, I have learned that love is everything and it conquers all,” said Jillian.

Jillian’s advice for radiation therapy students and prospects? “Be adaptable to changes because every site is different and it’s important to jump right in even if you are nervous. Hands-on is one the best learning techniques. Show empathy, because you never know what the patients are truly going through. A kind smile, hug or positive words make a huge difference in someone’s life no matter how little it is. Also, believe in yourself, and stay organized, of course!”

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