Julia Borel-Donohue ’14

donahue-web-pageLike many students, Julia Borel-Donohue ’14 came to USF in hopes of being more than just a number-despite her love for them.

“I was looking for a school where I wouldn’t just be a number and where I could learn from professors who actually care about me as not just a student but a person” she recalls.

Julia was recruited from her hometown of Bellbrook, Ohio to run cross-country and track, and quickly her team became like a second family to her.

Julia graduated in 2014 with her bachelors in math and accounting and as a student athlete. Julia was intimidated by majoring in math, because she didn’t think that she was suited for the challenge of such a difficult major. However she was pleased to find that the small classes offered were just what she needed to excel, especially when she had to miss classes for races and meets. “Professors met with me on a one-on-one basis to help me catch up with the lessons that I missed from meets. The professors care genuinely about their student’s success both in the classroom and on the field. I am very grateful for their dedication” Julia remarks.

These same professors encouraged Julia to add accounting as a second major the summer before her junior year. She says that the most difficult math courses were linear algebra and theory of interest. These classes challenged her, but she was grateful to USF for having these required courses because she was able to apply the concepts while studying for her CPA exam.

Career wise Julia aspires to become an accountant and work with in the public accounting industry, and to hopefully become a partner at an accounting firm. She was drawn to this career because she liked the professionalism of the industry and knew her major would help her find a career with unlimited growth. In the future she plans to look into attending graduate school and eventually earning her MBA.

Julia started her first accounting career at Deloitte as an audit associate this September. She says that the most challenging part of her career will be adjusting to a larger environment than what she was accustomed to at USF. Julia is optimistic that it will be a rewarding experience once she is at the stage where she will be able to be a mentor for new hires, as well as knowing the “ins and outs” of her new job well enough to be a resource for other people. Julia contributes her success to the experiences she had at USF, because of the faculty and curriculum that the school offers.

As a student, despite being a member of the cross country and track teams Julia found time be an accounting tutor, as well as the student ambassador for the Illinois CPA society. She was also a dedicated student and was honored to be a member of the Duns Scotus Honors Society.

Julia’s favorite memories of USF were of eating and running with her team. They would often stay in the cafeteria for hours after dinner enjoying each other’s company. In her free time, she enjoys running, hanging out with friends, shopping, traveling and hiking.