Lisa Pittman

Q&A With Innovative Leadership Award Recipient Lisa Pittman, Director of Medical Services at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital

Q: What do you most enjoy about working in healthcare?
A: There are two things I enjoy the most. One is the patients. I love the feeling of helping someone as I would want my own family member cared for. Second are the nurses. I have such a great respect for my profession and the hard work I see being done every day.

Lisa Pittman

Lisa Pittman

Q: When did you know or realize nursing was a good career fit for you?
A: In high school I had an interest in geriatrics; I volunteered at the Naperville Ecumenical Center and loved interacting with the elderly. I originally thought I would major in psychology and minor in geriatrics and then I realized nursing would provide more opportunities for me.

Q: How did receiving the Distinguished Leader for Innovative Thinking award impact you?
A: It had a huge impact on me, I started bawling before I went on stage to accept it. In the three years I was a manager at Hinsdale, my team and I were able to move patient satisfaction from the 2nd percentile to the 90th and staff satisfaction from the 9th to the 63rd percentile. We decreased turnover from above the 20th percentile to around 10%, and increased nursing certifications from 3 to 21. We were also able to decrease incidental overtime from 166 hours a pay period to 60-70 hours per pay period. We changed a culture and that was more rewarding than any award I could receive but the award did mean a lot to me, it made me feel appreciated for all the hard work and effort.

Q: What kind of career advice would you give someone who is interested in health care administration?
A: Never stop learning. A college degree is something that no one can ever take away from you. Build on your knowledge and use it to change the world!

Q: When did you know you should seek to earn an advanced degree?
A: When I was an assistant manager at Central DuPage Hospital, that is where I started to love leadership and wanted to learn more. That is where I was working when I received my M.H.A. I went back for an M.S.N. while I was a manager at Hinsdale because my highest nursing degree was an associate degree.

Q: Did you have a favorite professor or class?
A: Yes, I loved Dr. Robert Behling. When I was in the M.H.A. program I expressed to him that I loved the M.B.A. option after M.H.A., but I felt they should have something similar for nurses that would rather have a higher degree in nursing. He took it back to the school and soon after the M.S.N. in Nursing Administration was made available and allowed me to continue on. I credit him with that and am forever grateful! I also really enjoyed Dr. Susan Stowe when working toward my M.S.N., she was a mentor for me and I learned a lot from her.

Lisa is the Director of Medical Services at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. She is a mother of two and resides in Naperville. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and her two wonderful daughters.