Lynnann Murphy

Murphy_LynnannLynnann Murphy, Leach College of Nursing Instructor

“When I was young my girlfriends’ mother was a nurse and she shared stories of nursing. I also had an Aunt and Grandmother, both who died of cancer, and I saw how much nurses did for them in easing their pain and helping in their care as a human being, and I knew that I wanted to do that for others.”

Lynnann Murphy has been connected to nursing her whole life. She knew she wanted to be a nurse since she was in third grade. In high school, she focused her studies on science and math. As soon as she entered nursing school, she knew it was her dream come true. That was the beginning of a 25-year nursing career, and Lynnann has never looked back.

Lynnann realized that, not only was she interested in comprehensive cancer care, she wanted to teach hospital staff how to improve cancer care as well. So she began teaching oncology graduate nursing students. Lynnan later realized that she had a calling to teach undergraduate nursing students. “I wanted to help make a difference in the future nurses,” she explains.

Murphy is an instructor in the Leach College of Nursing at the University of St. Francis, and she loves working with beginning nursing students. “They are so excited and open to learning, they want to see and do everything,” Murphy said. “It’s an honor to help start their nursing practice.” She particularly enjoys seeing her students put their knowledge into practice in a hospital setting.

“I chose to teach because I love nursing, and I want to help develop future nurses,” Murphy attests.  “I have high expectations of my students, I expect them to work really hard, but I am always willing to work with them.” The most challenging part of Lynnann’s position is seeing students that are putting all the work in but still struggle in the class. Conversely, she finds the moment that a student understands what she’s been teaching to be the most rewarding.

In an effort to make the information more understandable for her students, Lynnann incorporates stories from her own experiences in nursing. “I try to add humor to my lectures,” Murphy says “but you’d have to ask the students if they think it is funny!” She also utilizes hands-on equipment, mannequins, and online programs to reinforce her students’ learning.

When she isn’t at USF, Lynnann spends time with her husband Jim and her two teenaged children, McKenna and Jack. She also enjoys gardening, entertaining, crafting, and traveling. Additionally, Murphy teaches an aqua aerobics class for elders at the YMCA.